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Water Damage Restoration Experts since 1974

Are you experiencing any sort of flooding or leaky plumbing problem?  You need immediate professional water removal to avoid further damage such as mold, crumbling drywall, delaminating paneling, warped and splitting wood, and so forth.  Disaster Kleenup Better Restorations is a local leader in flood damage restoration, water damage restoration, storm damage repairs, and so much more.  In business for over 40 years, we know what we’re doing!  For no worries, no stress, and competitive rates let us take care of it all.

Since mold and other deterioration can get going in a single day, our 24-hour call center is open 7 days a week.  Our knowledgeable staff can dispatch the right water damage services for prompt arrival any time of the day or night.

Why Disaster Kleenup Better Restorations?

We’ve been providing outstanding emergency and disaster restoration services since 1974.  We’re licensed general contractors and licensed flooring experts and that are able to provide full-service residential and commercial water damage services.  That includes drying, remediation, repairs, and reconstruction.

In addition to highly trained and technicians IICRC certified in water damage repair and flood damage restoration, mold remediation, and more, we have skilled and experienced construction crews that can do the repairs necessary to get you back the way that you were quickly and efficiently.

Our company is also a member of DKI, a nationwide network of leading independent damage restoration contractors.  We can draw on their equipment, manpower, and expertise for major projects or area-wide disasters. We maintain our own extensive inventory of specialized state of the art equipment including turbo dryers, commercial dehumidifiers, humidity evacuators, and dry-ice blasters.

Our company is also a member of IICRC, RIA (Restoration Industry Association) and over a half-dozen others, so we have the knowledge base to get your job done right.

Beyond decades of experience working directly with insurers and their local adjusters, we’re a preferred vendor for several major insurance companies.  We’ll work directly with whoever your insurance company might be to save you the hassle, and know exactly what they expect to see in detailed documentation and immediate mitigation for a smooth and swift claims process.  We recognize that our continued success depends on customer satisfaction, and we guarantee our work.

Our Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

When dealing with a plumbing disaster or natural flooding, there’s a lot more involved than water cleanup.  Dampness quickly soaks in to where it can no longer be seen or felt, and can remain for several weeks before finally wicking its way back out and evaporating.  But long before that, sometimes in as little as a day, it can cause progressive destruction.  You might not even notice it, as it could be hidden inside walls or under flooring that appear fine at the surface.  That’s why you need highly trained experts for proper assessment, and with the unique equipment necessary to get rid of every last bit of excess moisture as quickly as possible.

  • Flood Damage Restoration Whether from a storm or busted plumbing, flood water becomes filled with viruses and bacteria after about a day.  So even when there’s no sewage involved our pump out and debris cleanup services crews are also experts in proper sanitation.
  • Water Extraction After any mud or standing water removal, our powerful water extraction equipment and skilled operators remove up to 2 times as much liquid as common procedures. That cuts valuable time off of how long it takes to get everything back to normal.
  • Structural Dry Out In most situations water has made its way down into the sub-floor, wicked up inside walls, and then soaked in deeply.  So it’s necessary to deploy an array of specialized equipment to quickly draw out every last bit of excess moisture before it can do further harm.
  • Water Damage Repair Our crews are also ready with a full line of water damage repair and reconstruction services, from upholstery and carpet cleaning to complete flooring and cabinets, we will restore your home to it’s original condition.
  • Mold Removal A damp environment can develop a significant mold problem in as little as 24 hours.  So in addition, we’re ready with licensed and certified mold remediation technicians.
  • Disinfection and Odor Removal Despite anyone’s best efforts, micro-organisms quickly multiply in a damp environment.  So our water damage restoration services include expert sanitation and odor removal through special procedures and equipment.
  • Pack Out Services Everything we’ve said about your home or business’ building also applies to furniture and other possessions.  But here you also have the option of our pack out services to remove everything from a damp and contaminated environment to a better location for treatment and storage.
  • Leak Detection Even relatively minor building and plumbing leaks lead to progressive water damage often hidden within the structure, such as beneath concrete floor slabs and within walls.  Our licensed plumbers include leak detection experts who will use the latest in electronic meters to track down the exact location without the need for any demolition.

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Tips on Flood and Water Damage Situations

  • If the source is failed plumbing or broken appliances, turn the water supply off at the street.
  • Do not enter a wet area if the electricity can’t be turned off or if the ceiling is wet and sagging.
  • Small areas can be mopped and blotted, but be sure to remove (and not use) colored items such as newspapers or magazines where colors may bleed.
  • Avoid walking on wet carpet.
  • Isolate the feet of furniture from a wet floor with several layers of aluminum foil.
  • In the summer open windows, in the winter open windows.  Do not turn on heating as that will encourage mold growth.
  • Report a loss to your insurance company as soon as possible — filing a claim will come later.

The above tips will help reduce further damage, but experts agree that you should call a professional water damage restoration contractor as soon as possible.  After immediate mitigation, your insurer may require that you submit estimates for pre-approval to assure coverage.