Water Damage Services Orange, California

If you’ve had a water damage, fire damage catastrophe at your Orange, California home or business you need to take action immediately.  The sooner professional water damage restoration and fire damage repairs begin the fewer losses you’ll have.  Our specialists are ready with all the right equipment 24/7.  We provide low up-front pricing and accept all insurance companies.  In addition to fire and flood damage, we’re also experts in sewage extraction and mold remediation.

Water Damage Restoration in Orange

If there was enough water to soak even part of a single room’s flooring it was enough to seep down into the sub-floor, creep up inside walls, and penetrate into wood framing.  So it doesn’t take a major storm for you to need flood damage restoration.  A burst washing machine hose or bath tub overflow is enough to start a chain of events that leads to mold, warping wood, and disintegrating drywall within a couple of days.  Without professional water restoration deterioration can continue to progress for weeks.  Our certified technicians and construction crews can take care of everything, from initial debris clean up to odor removal.  In addition to the building they’ll take care of drying, cleaning, and storing business and personal property.

Flood Damage

Clearly if there’s standing water everything starts with water removal by pump-out or draining.  Rapid structural drying is then necessary to keep the need for water damage repairs to a minimum.  But flood cleanup requires more than that.  Any water that’s been in contact with the ground or lingering for more than a day or so will be filled with germs and other disease-causing organisms.  Beyond thorough cleaning, our anti-microbial specialists will make sure that everything is properly disinfected prior to any flood repairs.

Sewage Extraction

Whenever you need sewage removal you need specialists, such as our certified anti-microbial remediation technicians.  Otherwise waterborne and airborne diseases can quickly spread even after it looks like there’s been a thorough sewage clean up.  Decontamination begins only after containment and isolation, and may include chemical wipe down and HEPA vacuuming.  Your business or home will also receive meticulous disinfection, and everything that came in direct contact will be sterilized, encapsulated, or discarded.  And of course we’ll follow all regulations for any wastes that need to be transported through The City of Orange for disposal.

Water Extraction and Drying

It takes a carefully balanced and closely monitored combination of techniques to get moisture down to safe levels throughout the building in just a few days.  With only ventilation and natural evaporation, materials deep within the structure would otherwise remain damp for weeks even in warm Orange weather.  We begin with high-performance vacuum surface water extraction that also immediately lowers indoor humidity.  We then use an array of turbo dryers, commercial dehumidifiers, and humidity evacuators to completely dry out the building.

Mold Remediation

We’re an IAQ certified mold remediation company, following EPA and OSHA standards to keep everyone safe and healthy.  That starts with initial inspection and testing.  Even if you don’t have black mold, contamination control through isolation, negative air pressure exhaust, and air scrubbing are critical measures.  We’ll then use the most appropriate measures for thorough spore and mold removal and HVAC decontamination.  Unlike most mold remediation companies serving Orange, we have advanced cryo-cleaning equipment for fast and economical removal.  We can follow through with neutralizing odors and mold damage repairs, ranging from replacing a small area of drywall all the way to tear-out demolition and reconstruction.

Water Damage Repair

With highly trained cleaning and water restoration technicians together with skilled construction crews we’ll provide the best repair-versus-replace advice you’re likely to find anywhere in Orange.  We’re often able to recover belongings their owners thought were beyond hope, and our crews can take care of whatever repairs and reconstruction you might need.

Orange, California Fire Damage Repair

Fire disaster cleanup is time-critical.  A few days, and in some cases just a few hours, can make a significant difference in destruction and the resulting fire damage repair time and cost.  Our specialist crews can start immediately, anytime 24 hours a day, to begin restoring your peace of mind.

Work begins with assessing the structure followed by board-up, structural reinforcement, and containment to keep our workers and any remaining occupants safe.  Emergency cleaning and drying halt further deterioration, and prompt debris removal reduces re-contamination.  Our pack out services remove furniture and other possessions from the damp and sooty environment for treatment and storage at our facility near Orange.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Smoke can travel far from the blaze itself, making its way through the smallest of openings.  Its sooty residue is toxic, and its hundreds of harmful compounds corrode metals and etch glass as well as leave permanent stains and odors if not removed quickly enough.  That’s only a couple of days for most materials, and for some (such as fiberglass tubs and shower stalls) there may only be a few hours before smoke damage repairs are the only remaining option.

In addition to dry-ice blasters for soot and smoke removal from building surfaces, our highly-trained technicians will choose the best cleaning products and procedures for each item in your Orange home or business.  For many materials the heat opened up pores allowing in fire odors that are now trapped.  Our thermal fogging equipment takes care of that.  We also have ozone generators for permanent odor removal throughout the structure.