Water Damage Services Santa Ana, California

Fire damage and water damage restoration are time-critical.  Mold remediation and sewage extraction are health-critical.  That’s why our experienced pros are ready to roll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for immediate emergency services anywhere in Santa Ana, California.  Once the crisis is under control our skilled construction crews are ready for flood damage and water damage repairs as well as fire damage repair and reconstruction.

Better Restorations

We’ve been providing highly professional disaster restoration services throughout Orange County since 1974.  That’s approaching a half century of building emergency and disaster cleanup experience.  Our company is a California Licensed General Contractor with specialist training and state of the art equipment.  Our IICRC (http://www.iicrc.org/) certified restoration technicians have all the expertise necessary to protect everyone’s health and safety and to keep damage from progressing.  Plus we have all the building trades needed for residential as well as commercial repairs and reconstruction, from sub-floor insulation all the way up to roofing.

Water Damage Restoration

Even small amounts of water can lead to damage and decay given enough time.  And flood damage from a burst washing machine hose or Santa Ana storm can lead to mold,destroyed drywall, warped wood, and more in just a day or two. For those smaller problems our leak detection experts armed with the latest instruments will pinpoint the source.  For those major headaches we begin with a through structural and water damage assessment before beginning water damage restoration.  In addition to on-site upholstery and carpet cleaning our pack out service can bring furniture and other possessions to our facility near Santa Ana for expert cleaning, drying, and storage.

Sewage Extraction

When you need sewage removal our certified anti-microbial technicians are essential.  They’ll set up proper containment and isolation against airborne disease organisms then fully decontaminate the area.  In addition extraction and proper transportation through Santa Ana, sewage cleanup proceeds through some combination of wipe down, HEPA vacuuming, disinfection, and heat sterilization.  Repairs include encapsulation where necessary.

Mold Remediation

Even if you don’t have the infamous black mold, what you do have is likely causing at least minor health problems along with mold damage to porous building materials.  During mold removal health risks along with the spread of mold spores become even more of a problem. We’re an IAQ certified mold remediation firm (http://www.iaqa.org/).  Following EPA and OSHA standards we take all of the recommend precautions, plus a few more.

Our highly trained technicians provide the most thorough spore and mold removal possible through wipe down, HEPA vacuuming, and/or cryo-cleaning.  Further mold remediation measures include anti-fungal treatments, encapsulation, and duct decontamination.  We’ll also deodorize the building to neutralize those musty odors.  Infested porous materials must be replaced (or encapsulated), so we’re ready for repairs along with tear outs and reconstruction.

Water Damage Repair

After any standing water removal the flooring and structure must be dried within just a few days to prevent further damage.  That damage is often hidden deeply within the structure yet remains a health and safety risk.  When more than a small area has been soaked, natural evaporation can takes weeks even during Santa Ana summers.  So we begin with high-performance surface water extraction from floors, walls, and ceilings.  That’s followed by using humidity evacuators, turbo dryers, and refrigerant dehumidifiers to pull out every last bit of excess moisture.  As needed we’ll neutralize all odors and make repairs.

Fire Damage Repair

Everything needs to be cleaned and dried as quickly as possible since progressive secondary damage can become significant in as little as 24 hours.  We’ll start immediately and work towards a fast, safe return to pre-loss condition.  In addition to building cleanup and repairs, our pack out services provide the best in cleaning, drying, and storage for the building’s contents.

Smoke Removal

Our goal is to keep smoke damage repairs to a minimum.  Based on the type of smoke and the material affected (such as fiberglass, plastics, wood, and textiles) our experts select the best structural and content cleaning procedures.  For building surfaces that usually means dry-ice blasting to remove smoke and char.  Methods for furniture and other belongings include HEPA vacuuming, dry chem wipes, and specially formulated cleansers.  Fire odors usually reach deeply within the structure itself, so we’ll also use technologies such as ozone generators to permanently remove odors from throughout the building.

Repairs and Reconstruction

Our skilled construction crews can complete whatever repairs, demolition, and reconstruction is needed.  That includes all the building trades such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, and so on.  We’re also licensed floor covering specialist for outstanding carpet, wood, vinyl, laminate, marble, and stone flooring.

Santa Ana

Densely populated (392,427 residents estimated for 2011) Santa Ana is one of the safest to live in.  Even so, USA.com reports a long-term average of over 10 extreme weather events within 50 miles of Santa Ana per year.  That includes 3 floods and a significant brush fire a year.  Should you find yourself financially distressed here are a couple of resources you can turn to.