La Mirada, California

Water Damage Restoration in La Mirada, California

Trying to recover from a home or business disaster in La Mirada, California? We’ll clear the way with expert disaster restoration services. The first 24 hours are the most critical in keeping destruction from getting worse, so we’re ready with emergency restoration services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We’re a single company with experts in flood damage restoration and water damage restoration along with smoke damage and fire damage restoration. We also have specialists in sewage backups and mold removal, and we accept all insurance companies. Known as Better Floors and Restorations DKI for over 40 years and now Disaster Kleenup Better Restorations, we shoulder the full burden of restoring the building to pre-loss condition and saving as many of your possessions as possible. So you can focus on work and attend to your family.

La Mirada Water Damage Restoration Services

We’re the flood damage restoration leader for the La Mirada area.  But it doesn’t take ankle-deep water end up needing water damage repairs.  Just a toilet or tub overflow is often enough.  And with roof and plumbing leaks deterioration can progress hidden from view.  So we also provide leak detection services.

Water damage can begin in as little as 24 hours and continue as long as dampness remains.  Water quickly soaks in and moisture becomes trapped underneath flooring.  It spreads and even wicks its way upwards inside walls.  Mold grows, drywall crumbles, paneling and plywood delaminates, and wood warps and decays.  Without thorough drying by expert professionals, this can go on for weeks.

Our water restoration services aim for the fastest drying possible, getting even materials deep within the structure down to safe moisture levels in just a few days.  That involves measurements and assessment by a certified inspector then using a combination of water removal, vacuum water extraction, turbo dryers, and refrigerant dehumidifier gear with ongoing testing and adjustments.

But that still leaves more than water damage repairs.  Any water that’s been in contact with soil or left standing for more than a day will be filled with bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  So our flood damage restoration crews also include specialists in sanitation and disinfection for microbial remediation.  Finally, we can permanently neutralize mold and bacterial odors.

Mold Remediation

Any mold, not just black mold, is a problem not to be ignored.  It directly harms many building materials and releases contaminants into the air that can lead to flu-like symptoms which may be a prelude to very serious health conditions.  Yet most or even all of the infestation can be hidden as mold growth doesn’t require light.

Our certified mold removal experts will assess the situation with a visual inspection, advanced instruments, and on occasion mold testing.  After detailed planning, they’ll follow EPA, OSHA, and IICRC guidelines and requirements for isolation against spreading spores and other contamination.  Following our detailed checklist, they’ll provide thorough spore and mold removal.  To further guard against regrowth our mold remediation services include eco-friendly anti-fungal treatments, carpet cleaning, and air duct cleaning.

Mold damage can only be repaired by removing and replacing affected materials.  We can take care of those repairs, following La Mirada building codes, and use our ozone generators to leave the building free of any lingering musty odors.

Sewage Removal

The yuck factor alone tells you that a sewage backup is a very serious health hazard.  What you might not know is that its pathogens quickly and easily become airborne.  So besides containing the liquid mess, it’s necessary to set up proper ventilation and air barriers.  It’s also necessary for our workers to wear special respirators and other personal protection.

And it means that our sewage removal services also include meticulous cleaning and the use of specialized disinfectants.  Any materials that came in direct contact must be heat sterilized or replaced, and all wastes sealed and properly transported through La Mirada.  Our certified anti-microbial remediation technicians keep everyone safe and assure that you’re left with a sanitary and odor free home or business.

Fire Damage Restoration Services in La Mirada

Our certified team of fire damage repair experts covers the broad range of skills and knowledge necessary to deal with the overwhelming scene of destruction after a blaze.  That includes an inspection to identify all damage and hazards, including hidden issues, followed by securing the building and emergency services such as cleaning and debris removal.  We’ll proceed with water damage restoration from firefighting along with repairs, demolition, and reconstruction.  We’ll also take care of carpet, furniture, and possessions with pack out for treatment and storage at our facility near La Mirada.

Smoke Removal

Smoke removal is one of the most technically challenging aspects of fire damage restoration due to the complex chemistry of the many types of smoke.  Even a single fire can result in hundreds of compounds that are corrosive, toxic, or odor-causing.  Smoke damage can be minimized through prompt expert removal.  But ordinary cleansers and methods just aren’t up to the job and can lead to otherwise avoidable losses.  Our experts know exactly what techniques and products to use, whether that’s HEPA vacuuming, chem-wipe, or dry ice blasting.  We’ll also clean carpet, upholstery, bedding, drapes, and other textiles.

Odor Removal

After smoke removal, odorous compounds remain trapped deep within the structure, out of reach of even the best cleaning efforts.  They can linger for years, so we use ozone generators and other advanced equipment for permanent fire odor removal.  The same equipment is also effective against other odors such as from mold damage, sewage backups or bacteria.

Wind & Storm Damage

Our company also offers storm damage cleanup and repairs.  That includes tree removal, window replacement, temporary or permanent roof repairs, debris cleanup, and other physical storm damage removal.  We can also secure openings against further water intrusion and follow through with our water damage restoration services.


As a licensed general contractor we can go far beyond water and fire damage repairs to take care of whatever demolition and reconstruction needs you might have along with whatever La Mirada permits or waivers are necessary.  That includes plumbing, electrical, counter tops, and cabinets for complete reconstruction of baths and kitchens.  We have additional specialists licensing and certified inspectors for flooring and floor coverings.