Water Damage Services Fullerton, California

Are you facing a water damage restoration, fire damage recovery, or mold removal crisis in Fullerton, California?  Time is crucial, as serious deterioration begins in as little as 24 hours.  Except for a few square feet, do-it-yourself methods such as mopping, using a shop wet-vac, or renting a carpet cleaner simply aren’t enough.  Why not?  Water will have already penetrated deeply in to the structure, even migrating upwards inside walls to where a those methods can’t reach and natural evaporation take several weeks.  Similarly, smoke quickly penetrates do depths where it can’t be removed, leaving you with long-lasting odors.

The first 24 to 48 hours are critical in preventing secondary damage that insurance won’t cover if the proper prevention steps haven’t been taken, regardless of the type of policy or original cause.  We offer the full range of flood damage restoration services (including sewage removal and mold remediation) and fire damage restoration services (including smoke removal).  You can count on Better Restorations for a prompt response by certified inspectors and technicians in Fullerton, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Disaster Cleanup Better Restorations

In business since 1974 and known as Better Floors & Restorations for 35 of those years our company is a family owned and operated, licensed and insured California general contractor with certified restoration technicians and inspectors.  We’re a single one-stop company for all water and fire damage restoration needs, including mold remediation, sewage removal, and smoke removal.  We maintain our own inventory of the latest in special equipment and supplies for immediate response, and as part of the DKI (Disaster Kleenup International) we have access to their huge arsenal of cutting-edge technology, personnel, and experience.

Our technicians are highly trained and licensed by IICRC (the leading international certification organization, www.iicrc.com) in the full spectrum of fire damage and water damage restoration services.  We maintain our own arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment, and are a member of several insurance company vendor programs.

Flood and Water Damage Restoration

We stand ready to meet your emergency flood damage restoration needs 24/7, whether that’s a burst washer hose or a major natural flood.  We’re a single company equipped to take care of everything, start to finish.

Floodwater and Sewage Removal

The first step in major flood damage restoration is pump out and sewage removal.  If there’s any sewage contamination or even contact with the ground then there’s also a major bio-hazard that can even become airborne.  In fact, any water will be teeming with disease organisms after 24 hours or so.  So our specialists in disinfecting and cleaning are vital.  As needed they’ll also apply HEPA vacuuming and encapsulation treatments.  And our crews will also take care of debris removal.

Leak Detection

Sometimes the source isn’t obvious.  You might not even be sure that you have a leak.  But you can be sure that if there is one it will be causing progressive damage.  Our leak detection experts armed with years of experience and the latest instruments will track down and precisely locate the problem, whether that’s a storm damaged roof, a cracked pipe inside a wall, or a slab leak deep under the floor.  All without making lots of “exploration” holes.  Not many Fullerton plumbers can say that.

Water Extraction and Structural Drying

Preventing further destruction means removing every last bit of wetness, even moisture deep within the structure, as quickly as possible.  Our water damage restoration gear removes up to twice as much surface dampness from floors, ceilings, and walls than other methods.  We’ll then proceed with rapid structural drying through the use of commercial dehumidifiers and turbo dryers.  Our experts will monitor temperatures and humidity frequently to keep the process moving along as quickly as possible and not stop until all moisture is down to safe levels.

Water Damage Repair

Our company can also take care of cleanup and water damage repairs, from specialist carpet and upholstery cleaning to major flood damage restoration.  We’re especially known for our expertise in flooring, with licensed experts for carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, tile, marble, and stone floors.

Mold Remediation

The process of mold removal makes health hazards (and not just from black mold) and the possibility of spread all the worse.  That’s why mold remediation should only be done by licensed experts.  Starting with mold testing, our IAQ certified technicians follow every guideline to the letter.  They’ll set up containment with plastic sheeting, negative air pressure exhaust, and HEPA filtering.  They’ll then proceed with the actual mold removal using any of a number of techniques including wipe down, sanding, brushing, HEPA vacuuming, cryo-cleaning, and removing affected materials.  Follow-through includes disinfection, encapsulation, building deodorization, and mold damage repairs.

Fire Damage Restoration

Looking over the aftermath of a fire, you’re almost certainly feeling overwhelmed.  On top of the possessions you’ve lost, you can clearly see all the work that needs to be done: debris clean up, major repairs (including water damage repairs), smoke removal, and so on.  Our company can take care of the full spectrum of necessary services so there’s no need for you to stress out trying to coordinate multiple contractors from Fullerton and beyond.

Smoke Removal, Odor Removal

Ash, soot, and smoke contains hundreds if not thousands of different chemicals, the mix depending on the specific type of fire.  Many are toxic and odor-causing so smoke removal must be thorough and immediate, completed before those compounds penetrate into porous materials (such as drywall, wood framing, and textiles) so deeply they can’t be reached.  There they can cause odors for years to come.  Special cleansers and specific procedures take care of possessions, and we take care of building surfaces with dry-ice blasting.  We’ll use thermal fogging and/or ozone to neutralize odors throughout the building.

Fullerton, California Cautions

The greatest threats to Fullerton homes and businesses are “mundane” flooding from plumbing leaks and roof leaks, and kitchen fires.  So good maintenance, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers or sprinkler systems are important.  But it’s the biggest disasters that bring the greatest alarm.  Over the years 1950 through 2010 there were a total of 196 major floods and 66 significant wildfires within 50 miles of Fullerton CA (http://www.usa.com/fullerton-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm).  The huge flood of 1938 caused widespread destruction in Southern California, leaving 2,000 people homeless.  Most recently a wildfire in September 2015 forced evacuations of 40  homes in Fullerton and La Habra (https://weather.com/safety/wildfires/news/southern-california-fullerton-la-habra-wildfire).