Water Damage Services Villa Park, California

With any water damage or fire damage, starting restoration immediately is critical.  Otherwise you can be facing the need for mold remediation along with additional and otherwise unnecessary flood, fire, and smoke damage repairs in as little as one to two days.  Our expert inspectors, technicians, and construction crews are ready to serve Villa Park, California 24/365.  We can also come to your rescue with sewage extraction and decontamination services.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage repairs are among the top insurance claims filed each year in the US, including Villa Park.  A large part of that is from people not realizing that even smaller problems such as a bath tub overflow can cause significant damage without prompt water restoration.  In just minutes water soaks in so deeply that natural evaporation takes weeks to remove it.  That quickly destroys drywall, and all during those weeks wood warps and mold grows.

If the source isn’t obvious, we’ll start with leak detection and then make sure we’ve identified all high-moisture areas.  After water extraction from floors, walls, and ceilings our turbo dryers and commercial refrigerant dehumidifiers work together to completely dry the structure in at most a few days.  Our experts will work with you on repair versus replace decisions for affected materials in your home, including furniture and other possessions.

Flood Damage

Our flood damage restoration services begin with pump out and extraction for water removal followed by complete structural drying.  Flood cleanup needs to go beyond visible water and storm damage.  That’s because any water that’s been in contact with the ground or has been standing for more than a day is a health hazard.  So special cleaning and disinfecting expertise is needed to keep everyone safe.

Sewage Extraction

For sewage removal, we clearly need our bio-hazard specialists to prevent the spread of disease organisms that easily become airborne.  So sewage clean up begins with containment and isolation.  After sewage extraction, decontamination must be absolutely flawless.  That includes cleaning, disinfecting, drying, sterilizing, and odor control.  Finally, wastes must be transported and properly disposed of according to Villa Park and other regulations.

Water Damage Repair and More

In addition to cleaning, drying, sanitizing, and water damage repairs for the building our pack out services take care of your furniture and other possessions as well.  That includes packing and transportation, contents cleaning, drying, and secure storage nearby to Villa Park with a complete and detailed inventory for you and your insurance company.

Villa Park Mold Remediation

Black mold poses the biggest threat to health, but all species can cause allergies as well as more serious conditions.  Growing hidden in complete darkness you may have a great deal of mold damage before you realize it.  As an IAQ certified certified mold remediation firm we follow EPA  and OSHA guidelines for safety and to prevent spread.  After isolation, ventilation, and air scrubbing are set up our highly-trained teams use the best combination of wipe down, HEPA vacuuming, and cryo-cleaning for the most thorough spore and mold removal.  We can follow through with HVAC and duct work decontamination, and if necessary perform tear outs and reconstruction.

Smoke and Fire Damage Repair

Even small fires can be overwhelming with so much to be done.  We can do it all, including mitigating against further destruction from smoke and water.  Beginning with a fire damage and safety assessment, as needed we’ll reinforce the structure and isolate fire damaged areas from the outdoors and occupants from hazards.  From below the floor to above the ceiling we’ll handle debris removal, structural and contents cleaning, and repairs as well as reconstruction for your Villa Park home.

Immediate smoke removal is especially important as its compounds begin to stain and corrode in a matter of just hours, and after a few days many items simply won’t be recoverable.  That’s surprisingly technical due to the complex chemistry of smoke and the ways they affect different materials.  Regular cleaning products and methods don’t cut it.  Our advanced ozone generators and thermal foggers completely and permanently neutralize odors throughout the building, including areas where cleaning can’t reach.

Villa Park, California

The City of Villa Park may be small (2010 population of 5,812), but it’s known for its large lots, and as the high school home of Kevin Costner (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Villa_Park,_California).  Keeping your own yard fire-prepared goes a long way in protecting yourself from brush fires  As a long-term average USA.com reports an average of about 1 major wildfire per year within 50 miles of Villa Park, along with 3-4 significant flooding incidents per year.