Brea, California

Water Damage Removal and Restoration Brea, California

Dealing with a water damage emergency in Brea, California?  Our experts and specialized equipment are ready to roll 24/7 for fast emergency services in and around Brea.  Immediate action is critical in minimizing further losses, but it has to be the right action.  We have highly-trained specialists in fire damage and water damage restoration (including flood damage, sewage extraction) and mold remediation as well as skilled crews for water and fire damage repairs.

Brea Residential and Commercial Water Damage Services

In business since 1974 and known as Better Floors & Restorations for 35 of those years our company is a family owned and operated, licensed and insured California general contractor with certified restoration technicians and inspectors.  We’re a single one-stop company for all water and fire damage restoration needs, including mold remediation, sewage removal, and smoke removal.  We maintain our own inventory of the latest in special equipment and supplies for immediate response, and as part of the DKI (Disaster Kleenup International) we have access to their huge arsenal of  cutting-edge technology, personnel, and experience.

Flood Damage Restoration

Natural flooding in Brea, California adds more than just drainage, pump out, and debris removal to the mix.  Any water that’s been in contact with the ground will be filled with soil bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  So flood cleanup also requires our certified anti-microbial technicians’ attention to absolutely thorough cleaning and disinfection.  Our flood damage repair crews are well-qualified to deal with other storm damage as well, including temporary and permanent roof repairs and re-roofing.

Water Damage Restoration Brea

Whether from a winter storm, a plumbing problem, or a broken appliance you need professional water damage restoration.  That’s because water quickly soaks down deeply below flooring in just minutes and within just a couple of hours has crept up inside walls.  From there natural evaporation even if assisted by fans takes weeks to bring moisture down to safe levels, even during warm and clear Brea weather.  Yet there can be significant deterioration such as mold, disintegrating composition board and drywall, and warping wood is as little as a day.

So our water restoration focuses on mitigation, getting everything thoroughly dry as quickly as possible.  And that requires extensive training and equipment far beyond window fans, shop wet-vacs, and carpet cleaners.  Here’s an outline of the typical process.

  • inspection and assessment, including repair versus, replace consultation
  • high-performance water extraction from ceilings, walls, and floors
  • structural drying using commercial-grade dehumidifiers, air movers, and turbo dryers
  • structural cleaning and disinfection
  • furniture and contents cleaning, pack out, restoration, and storage
  • ozone odor removal and thermal fogging
  • water damage repairs

Sewage Damage Extraction

Any sort of sewage backup is extremely hazardous contamination.  Countless bacteria and viruses easily become airborne, so sewage removal calls for expert isolation along with exceptional cleaning and disinfection.  Our certified anti-microbial technicians know exactly what to do to keep everyone safe and leave your home or business odor free and hygienic.  The typical project includes the following.

  • setting up containment and exhaust ventilation
  • sewage extraction and safe transport through Brea
  • sewage clean up and decontamination through wipe down and HEPA vacuuming
  • disinfection and sterilization
  • encapsulation
  • odor neutralization
  • water damage mitigation and repair

Mold Remediation Brea, California

It’s not just a fad or a result of marketing.  Today’s buildings are more prone to mold, and that does pose very serious health risks along with mold damage to the building, both obvious and hidden.  You’ve probably heard about black mold, but other colors can be toxic as well.  Spreading easily by invisible spores, you should hire professionals for all but the smallest of outbreaks.

We’re a licensed mold removal company, with certified technicians who follow all EPA, OSHA, and IICRC mold remediation requirements, standards, and guidelines throughout the following outline of steps and services.

  • visual inspection and mold testing as needed
  • set up isolation barriers, negative-pressure exhaust, and air scrubbing
  • mold removal through wipe town, HEPA vacuum, cryo-cleaning (dry-ice blasting), tear-outs, and other approved methods
  • encapsulating affected materials that can’t be removed
  • structure, carpet, HVAC, and air duct cleaning
  • building odor removal
  • repairs

Repairs and Renovation

We’re a California licensed general contractor, making us a single company for all Brea emergency and disaster restoration services, including repairs and reconstruction.  From ground to roofing we have whatever construction trades and skills necessary.  Floors receive the brunt of water damage, so we’re also a licensed flooring company with specialists in carpet, hardwood, vinyl, marble, stone, and tile.  Our company also employs certified carpet and upholstery cleaning and restoration experts.