Water Damage Services Walnut, California

You want your Walnut, California property damage repairs finished as soon as possible so your life can get back to normal.  But you also want the job done right.  That means professional fire and water damage restoration specialists.  By taking all the right steps immediately we can prevent further deterioration and the costs and repair time that go with it.  Our flood damage experts are ready for everything from leak detection to mold remediation and sewage extraction.  And our skilled construction crews provide complete water and fire damage repair & reconstruction services.  Sometimes hours matter, so we’re always ready to roll with 24/7 emergency services throughout Walnut and surrounding areas.

Walnut Water Damage Restoration Services

It doesn’t take a deluge to cause major water damage.  Just part of a room with wet carpet can lead to mold and warped wood in just one to two days, but harmful moisture lingers for weeks even during Walnut summers.  Our certified cleaning and water restoration technicians will keep further harm to your property at a minimum of one or more of the following services.

  • water removal through pump out and drainage
  • surface water extraction with high-performance vacuum equipment
  • structural drying using turbo-dryers and commercial-grade dehumidifiers
  • cleaning and disinfection
  • deodorization

Flood Damage Repair

Major flooding, whether from a Walnut winter storm or a plumbing emergency, requires more aggressive efforts for two reasons.  First, not only flooring and subflooring are thoroughly saturated, but water wicks upwards inside walls destroying sheetrock and soaking the wood.  Expert water extraction and carefully monitored structural drying are critical.  Second, flood cleanup has to deal with disease organisms.  Any water that came in contact with soil or has lingered for more than a day will be filled with bacteria, viruses, and fungi that easily become airborne.  So personal protective gear, isolation, and absolutely thorough disinfection are vital.

Sewage Extraction

Sewage removal involves, quite literally, toxic waste that must be contained and isolated.  Our anti-microbial specialists deal with that, keeping everyone safe and assuring that your home or business is left hygienic and odor-free.  Our sewage clean up procedures include sewage extraction, wipe-down, HEPA vacuuming, encapsulation, and disinfection.  Many contaminated materials must be discarded, so our Walnut crews are ready for repair work.

Mold Remediation

We’re an IAQ certified mold remediation firm following IICRC, EPA, and OSHA regulations, standards, and guidelines.  Whether you have highly hazardous black mold or less toxic varieties, we take all the recommended precautions to keep everyone safe and prevent spread.  Our service offerings include the following.

  • inspection and test
  • isolating the work area with negative-pressure ventilation and air scrubbing
  • spore and mold removal through cryo-cleaning, HEPA vacuum, and/or wipe down
  • anti-fungal disinfection and encapsulation
  • odor neutralization
  • mold damage repairs, tear-outs, and reconstruction


Walnut Fire Damage Restoration

The scene of a fire can be overwhelming.  Besides debris removal and repairs, unique cleaning and restoration procedures are necessary to prevent further destruction of smoke and water.  For some materials, there are only a few hours before they become unsalvageable.

That’s why our certified inspectors arrive promptly in Walnut, any time of the day or night.  They’ll evaluate the fire damage, set priorities, and provide a fast, accurate estimate.  Typical procedures include the following.

  • board ups and structural reinforcement
  • debris removal and emergency cleaning
  • water damage mitigation (see below)
  • smoke removal with dry-ice blasting and specialized cleaning procedures
  • additional structural and contents cleaning
  • odor removal with ozone generators and thermal fogging equipment
  • repairs and reconstruction
  • final cleanup and haul away


Walnut, California Notes

Walnut California is one of Money Magazine’s best places to live and one of time.com’s best-ranked cities.  If you enjoy the advantages of both rural style and big-city attractions you know exactly why.  But it’s not without its weather extremes.  Over a 60-year period starting in 1950 (just before Walnut was incorporated, 1959) there have nearly 750 incidents, including an average of three floods and 1 wildfire per year (http://www.usa.com/walnut-ca-natural-disasters-extremes.htm).  You can be better prepared for future calamities by visiting http://www.cityofwalnut.org/for-residents/public-safety/emergency-preparedness.