Anaheim Water Damage Restoration Services

Need water damage or fire damage restoration in Anaheim, California?  Our emergency services are available in Anaheim 24 hours a day, every day of the week.  Professional action is important as many technical tasks must be completed in the first 24-48 hours to head off further deterioration and destruction.  Our knowledgeable staff will immediately dispatch right inspectors, technicians, and equipment for immediate loss assessment and mitigation.  We’re a single disaster restoration company that can handle it all —  flood damage restoration, mold removal, sewage backups, smoke damage, storm damage, and water damage restoration.  Uniquely among Anaheim disaster restoration services, we have specialists in flooring, storm damage, and vehicle impact building damage repairs.

Choose Better Restorations

We’ve been serving Anaheim and surrounding areas as certified and licensed professionals for over 40 years.  That’s a rare track record of experience, and coupled with the latest in cutting-edge equipment your home or business will receive the best in disaster restoration at rates you and your insurance company will appreciate.

We’re a single company ready to provide the full range of damage restoration services for residential and commercial buildings.  We’re always ready to help, with 24/7 for emergency services from cleaning and drying to reconstruction.  Licensed and insured as a California general contractor we employ our own highly skilled construction crews highlighted by IICRC ( certified technicians in a broad spectrum of specialties.

Better Restorations is an independent member of the DKI ( network of independent contractors.  Each is held to high technical and ethical standards, and we can draw from the nationwide network to supplement our own expertise,  manpower, and Anaheim equipment inventory  As area leaders we have a long list of professional membership for an alphabet soup that includes CCI, DKI,  IAQ, IICRC, LCH, NIDR, NW, FA, PIA, RIA ,SCFCA,  WFCA, and WLI.

Accepting all insurance carriers, we guarantee our work.

Insurance and Disaster Restoration

Insurance claims can be complicated, especially when water or flood damage is involved.  We’ve nurtured long-term working relationships with pretty much every insurance company serving Anaheim, so we understand what they want to see and they know what to expect from us.  We’re in preferred vendor programs for several carriers.

For your peace of mind we’ll work directly with your insurance company.  We’ll also bill them directly so there’s no payments for you until after you’ve received their claims payment

Anaheim Water Damage Restoration

People often underestimate the need for professional water damage restoration… until it’s to late to prevent expensive water damage repairs.  Even seemingly small amounts of water, such as from a bathtub overflow can spread out and soak in so deeply that it takes weeks to evaporate.  The IICRC recommends special drying procedures for anything more than a small area of wet carpet or soaked flooring.  The warm and dry Anaheim climate aside, mopping, carpet cleaners, and exhaust fans simply aren’t enough.  And plumbing leaks can lead to damp building materials without your even knowing about it.  Deterioration begins in as little as 24 hours and can include mold damage, delaminating paneling, crumbling drywall, and warping and even decaying wood.

Rapid and complete drying is the key to keeping water damage repairs to a  minimum, and is required by insurance if any subsequent damage that does occur is to be covered.  After any standing water removal we’ll use advanced water extraction gear to quickly dry floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces.  But that still leaves moisture that’s soaked deeply into the structure.  So our structural dry out process takes care of that with refrigerant dehumidifiers, air movers, and measures such as removing baseboards.

With fast action we can often rescue carpet, and our cleaning experts can take care of upholstered furniture and other belongings.  Our water damage repair pros can take care of whatever’s needed, such as drywall replacement and cabinetry.  Our leak detection experts can track down and correct the original sources.  Finally, micro-organisms multiply quickly so we’ll disinfect affected areas and remove odors.

Sewage Backup

A toilet overflow, and even more so a sewage backup is clearly a nasty situation.  But the trouble is just starting.  Disease organisms quickly multiply and become airborne, and in as little as 24 hours mold becomes established and water damage begins.  Our certified biohazard specialists and cleaning technicians can take care of everything, starting with containment and isolation.  Along with sewage extraction and proper Anaheim waste transportation and disposal we’ll provide absolutely thorough cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, and drying.  And we’ll  permanently remove any lingering odors.

Mold Removal

Ignoring a mold problem leaves you exposed to health risks and worsening damage.  The worst of your problem could be hidden from view inside the structure.  All species cause at least minor health issues, and more than just black mold can be downright toxic.  Plus mold damage to materials such as acoustic tile, sheet rock, and wood leave no other alternative but replacement.

Our certified mold remediation specialists and supervisors begin with testing, then proceed step by step following our detailed checklists.  Mold removal begins only after setting up barriers and negative air-pressure exhausts.  More than just chem-wipes, sanding, or wire brushing we can bring in our heavy artillery of HEPA vacuums and cryo-cleaning equipment for the most thorough spore and mold removal.  Our remediation often also includes carpet, air duct, and HVAC system cleaning along with eco-friendly mildicide treatments.

Fire Damage Restoration in Anaheim

With numerous technical challenges (not to mention so much to do in the critical first 1-2 days to prevent further destruction) fire damage restoration can overwhelm lesser companies.  But we’re ready for everything from kitchen fire damage repair to reconstruction after major blazes.  Starting with inspection and loss assessment we’ll work our way through securing the building, structural reinforcement, debris cleanup, smoke removal, water removal, drying, and mold abatement.  We’ll also clean and restore furniture and other building contents, make fire damage repairs, and if necessary handle demolition and reconstruction of destroyed areas.  And we’ll take care of Anaheim permit expediting and wavers for emergency restoration.

Smoke Damage and Odor Removal

Besides being the source of fire odors that can linger for years, smoke is toxic and highly corrosive (even etching glass and porcelain).  So one of our first steps is to set up HEPA air scrubbers and isolate any areas that will remain occupied.

Smoke can reach just about anywhere such as inside cabinets, electronics, and appliances.  Traveling far from the actual blaze it even makes its way inside building cavities.  Household cleaners aren’t nearly enough, and scrubbing often just forces smoke and soot in deeper.  Our certified smoke damage technicians use dry-ice blasters for soot, char, and smoke removal from large areas, then carefully choose the right special-purpose cleansers for each building detail and possession.  We’ll often pre-treat bedding, furniture and other building contents before packout, further treatment, and storage at our facility near Anaheim.  Finally for complete odor removal we’ll use thermal fogging and/or ozone generators to permanently neutralize odor-causing compounds, even those trapped deep within the structure.