Water Damage Restoration Yorba Linda, California

Have you just experienced a flood, water damage, or a fire in Yorba Linda, California?  If so you have just 1 to 2 days to prevent further harm.  Immediate professional mitigation minimizes total repair costs and speeds up recovery.  If you live in the Yorba Linda area you can count on Better Restorations for prompt and highly professional fire damage recovery, mold remediation, sewage removal, smoke removal, and water damage restoration.  Our certified crews are ready 24/7 to meet insurance requirements and get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Why Call Better Restorations DKI?

In business since 1974 and known as Better Floors & Restorations for 35 of those years our company is a family owned and operated, licensed and insured California general contractor with certified restoration technicians and inspectors.  We’re a single one-stop company for all water and fire damage restoration needs, including mold remediation, sewage removal, and smoke removal.  We maintain our own inventory of the latest in special equipment and supplies for immediate response, and as part of the DKI (Disaster Kleenup International) we have access to their huge arsenal of cutting-edge technology, personnel, and experience.

There’s someone at our emergency call center 24 hours a day every day of the week to promptly dispatch the right inspectors, technicians, work crews, and equipment.  We’ve been providing outstanding fire damage, water damage restoration, and mold removal services to the Yorba Linda area since 1974.  That’s over 40 years of experience, building a great reputation for dependability, top-quality technical services, and superior customer care.  We maintain the latest equipment for flood damage restoration, smoke removal, and mold removal.  More importantly, our highly-trained professional team includes IICRC certified inspectors and technicians in a wide range of specialty services.

Water Damage Restoration

Whether for flood damage restoration following a major Yorba Linda storm or for “just” a plumbing problem it’s absolutely critical to get everything thoroughly dry as soon as possible.  Otherwise water that has seeped down into porous materials and even wicked up inside walls will cause progressive damage such as warping and splitting wood, crumbling drywall, and even decay.  There can be significant damage after just a few days (and mold can cause its own disaster in as little as 24 hours), yet excess moisture deep within the structure can linger for several weeks.  Our experts will provide water extraction for flooring, walls, and ceilings as well as personal and business possessions.  For thorough structural drying we’ll deploy turbo dryers, commercial dehumidifiers, and more.  Floors are almost always the hardest hit, and our specialists will rescue as much as possible and can replace just about any flooring material — carpet, hardwood, laminate, marble, natural stone, vinyl, and tile.

Sewage Removal

Even ignoring the smell and disruption, a sewage back up can be devastating.  Sewage removal and decontamination are hazardous and technically challenging.  Everything that’s come in contact must either be treated or discarded, and that includes the sub-floor underneath carpet and other flooring, behind baseboards, and so on.  Our crews arrive with all the training, experience, and protective gear they need.  Plus all the supplies and technologies for treatments such as chemical wipe down, HEPA vacuuming, encapsulation, and absolutely thorough disinfection.

Yorba Linda Flood Damage Restoration

When flooding leaves standing water, our powerful equipment completes pump out quickly.  Even without sewage contamination, water that’s been in contact with the ground or has been around for more than 24 hours must be treated as a health hazard.  We’ll disinfect accordingly.  After that we can proceed with debris removal and any necessary mold removal.  After drying, water damage repairs are likely to be a more extensive part of our water damage restoration services.

Leak Detection

It doesn’t take flood damage to lead to expensive building repairs.  Even a small leak can lead to significant water damage if it remains hidden in the attic, inside a wall, or under the floor for a week or more.  Our leak detection experts draw on their experience and state-of-the-art electronic instruments to precisely locate the source without making a single hole.  They’re on call 24/7, and we can also complete any needed plumbing or building repairs.

Mold Remediation

Most people have heard of the horrors of black mold.  But did you know that not all of them are toxic?  Or that other colors can be toxic?  And all varieties pose health risks and damage buildings, wood, textiles, and paper.  Our experts certified in mold remediation can perform mold testing to determine the nature and extent of your problem and devise the best mold removal approach.  We follow all the EPA and OSHA recommended precautions, including isolating the work area and maintaining negative air pressure along with air scrubbing.  Our methods include wipe down, HEPA vacuuming, cryo-cleaning (dry ice blasting), and encapsulation.  We complete our services with air duct and HVAC cleaning, disinfection, and deodorization.

Fire Damage Repair, Yorba Linda California

When you’ve experienced any sort of fire damage it’s important to prevent further deterioration, such as smoke removal along with mitigating water damage and mold damage from firefighting water.  Our fire recovery services begin with structural assessment and securing the building with reinforcements, board ups, and tarp overs.  We’ll isolate unaffected areas from contaminated areas and take care of any demolition and debris removal along with structural cleaning, repairs, and reconstruction.

Smoke Removal and Odor Neutralization

Immediate smoke and odor removal are critical following any blaze, large or small.  Otherwise dozens or even hundreds of odor-causing compounds penetrate into porous materials so deeply that it’s no longer possible to prevent those long-lingering smells.  Smoke also contains numerous acidic compounds that can corrode metals and even etch glass!  Since it can reach just about anywhere, you need an expert just to know where to look.  And removal is a rather technical process, requiring combinations of specially selected cleansers, dry ice blasting, and other methods.  Our crews can handle everything, including properly cleaning upholstery along with HVAC and duct cleaning.  Our thermal fogging and ozone deodorization equipment wipes out remaining smells, wherever they might