As one of the most experienced and reputable water damage restoration contractors, you can rest assured that your loss will be managed in the most professional, experienced and efficient manner possible.

If you have experienced fire or smoke damage, call Better Floors & Restorations. We have state- of-the-art equipment and a trained team of professionals to stop damage from progressing, and to repair the residue of a fire emergency.

Sewage back ups can be devastating. In the event of sewage contamination, a remediation contractor is absolutely necessary and will ensure your home is properly cleaned and all contaminates removed. Better Floors & Restorations is just that contractor.

Our Flooring Services include: Estimating and Design, Interior Designer, Convenient Showroom, Carpet and Upholstery, Cleaning

"When disaster strikes I can think of no finer group to call upon. My husband and I have very high standards regarding workmen. We know good work when we see it, as we designed and remodeled our entire house. The work was excellent, their stamina remarkable, and the result was terrific. We are pleased and happy to write this review." - Judith, Newport Beach, CA

Better Floors and Restorations is a member of Disaster Kleenup International, Inc., a network of the leading, independent property damage restoration contractors across North America

Better Floors & Restorations is a full service contracting firm specializing in high quality residential and commercial construction. Our mission is to provide excellence in workmanship and customer service. You will find our values of excellence, thoroughness and integrity a refreshing change from the standard fare of workmen you may have come across. We understand the difficulties a customer faces when choosing a contractor. We know that happy customers are our most valuable assets. Your complete satisfaction is our goal. Our work is guaranteed.

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